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This interactive sound environment designed and built in Unity and utilising Wwise explores different mechanism of how interaction can be used to fuel sonic changes in environment.


The main goal of this project was to create an immersive and sonically engaging interactive environment with a clear and coherent aesthetic. The main themes were to do with isolation, and attempting to find (or create) some semblance of coherence in scattered world. The user must collect elements of a composition spread across the environment, which reconstruct a disassembled piece of music. The sounds were designed specifically to sound as inorganic and nonphysical as possible, matching the sci-fi landscape and otherworldly atmosphere. Similarly, most of the sounds had long decaying reverberation to give a sense of a massive open space.

Key inspirations were Jules Rawlinson’s ”w[i]nd” with ideas of a of a deconstructed composition, and the video games ”Inside” and ”Mirror’s Edge” in terms of sonic palette and compositional ideas.

All music, sound design, audio programming and game development was done by myself.

More information, complete asset credits and a download link for SoundGarden can be found on its itch page, found here:

And a more complete report on the intentions and mechanics of the gamepiece can be found here:

Download PDF • 427KB

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