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This collection of songs written during a year I spent living in my grandads house in London reflects feelings at the time of grief, disconnect, and my relationship with music.


"A dream of suffusion" details an incredibly vivid dream I had during my first night sleeping in the house of my grandparents, almost a year exactly to the day after the death of my grandmother.

"TheCity&TheCity" deals with the strange disconnect I felt living in London knowing that I would be moving to Tokyo the following year for the foreseeable future through a lens inspired by the book of the same name by China Meiville.

"Hand, Wood and String" explores my relationship with the classical guitar, an instrument I have played for over a decade and I feel a very strong and complicated bond with.

"Wind color vector I Leeward or: A holiday in Venice" is a solo recording of the Yoshimatsu piece of the same name superimposed with field recordings I took during a holiday in Venice that I went on with my family that I felt connected with this piece of music.

"Hambalt" encapsulates my feelings of living in the house in which my mother grew up in, and was so rich my own family's history.

All songs were written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.

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