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"CD-M1" Gesturally Controlled Synthesiser

The CD-M1 is a gesturally controlled monophonic synthesiser with built in texture control, low-pass filtering and note selection. It was designed to be performed as an instrument in simultaneity with dance, encouraging creative and unorthodox choreography as well as composition.


Primary inspiration was taken from the Theremin, with an aim to remove the restrictions caused by a continuous frequency

spectrum and extremely limited user movement.

With two linked synth engines, the

user is able to control the tone and pitch of notes played through movement measured by an accelerometer programmed in a mix of Javascript and maxMSP. Pitch is selected by accelerations in 6 spacial dimensions and tone is adjusted through angling the device attached to the hand. The actual tone of the synth engines can be controlled as well as increasing/decreasing harmonics and the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter.

And a more complete report on the intentions and mechanics of the CD-M1 patch can be found here:

Download • 1.00MB

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