Lego mindstorms

Posted by carlos Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:04:00 GMT

Lego mindstorms is a great way to start work with robotics. The person who made these robots has been playing with and making robots for a looong time!!!

As you can see these robots are very complex, with the motors and all! There is even a rubiks cube solver made out of lego!!! How cool is that!!! for more video’s click here

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Domo robot

Posted by carlos Tue, 18 Mar 2008 16:40:00 GMT

The Domo robot is a very complex robot, built to help people do stuff, like make drinks. As you can see its eyes look really realistic. The person who made this robot specialises in humanoid robots, robots that look like humans.

Domo can also express feeling with his face motions!! HOW COOL IS THAT!? The brain-box who invented this ingenious robot is called Edsinger. click here for some more info about edsinger’s robots

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