Seed vault in Norway

Posted by carlos Mon, 24 Mar 2008 16:51:00 GMT

In Norway they have made a ginormous seed vault. It is politically part of norway but also in the arctic archipelago of svalbard and on the island of spitsbergen. It was built so that if a disaster was to occur, the survivers would open the seed vault and be able to grow lots of crops.

It is only 700 miles from the north pole. The cordinates to the seed vault are: 78 degrees north 15 degrees east. For more info click here
To make it cost a whopping $ 8 million. It is also 120 metres under ground!! 4.5 million seeds could be stored in there… WOW!

As you can see it is very big, cold and dark, so it has to be lit up with lights and heated up. But in this photo people are still working on it, unlike today because today it is finished.

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